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The fight against corruption is the most important aspect of the activities of any responsible and transparent organization, including ours. Corruption undermines the foundations of private business, affects the reputation of a company and can lead to serious legal consequences. Our organization adheres to strict ethical standards, ensures full transparency of all processes and actively cooperates with partners and regulatory authorities to prevent any form of corrupt behavior. We are confident that only through joint efforts can we create a healthy, fair and competitive business environment.


Our organization is taking the following steps to combat corruption:

Development and implementation of corporate policy: We are introducing clear rules and standards of conduct for employees at all levels.

Employee training: We conduct regular trainings on ethics and anti-corruption issues.

Internal control and audit system: We establish procedures for monitoring and auditing financial and operational activities.
Channels for reporting corruption: We provide an anonymous hotline or complaint system.

Cooperation with external regulators and law enforcement agencies: We develop joint initiatives and exchange information to prevent corruption.

Continuous improvement and updating of measures: We adapt our approach and tools in accordance with changes in legislation and industry best practices.

These measures help to create a reliable system for preventing corrupt practices and maintain a high level of trust on the part of customers and partners.

At the final stage of our fight against corruption, we want to emphasize our continued commitment to work honestly and openly. We believe that building transparent and honest relationships with customers and partners is the key to long-term success and sustainable business development. Our company is dedicated to supporting and developing a culture of honesty in all aspects of our business, thereby contributing to the development of an honest business space.



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