CIO Logistics company carries out cargo transportation from different countries of the world, in different directions.

Open the map, select any country and your cargo will reach its destination in a short period of time.

  • CIO Logistics cargo transportation company offers transportation of cargo of any type, volume, complexity all over the world
  • CIO Logistics also provides door-to-door delivery. This type of delivery works in Armenia and CIS countries
  • Think of any country and rest assured, CIO Logistics carries out cargo transportation to that country

Having extensive experience in the field of orderly transportation and adhering to its adopted policy, the CIO Logistics cargo transportation company shows an individual approach to each customer and takes into account the characteristics of the transported cargo.

CIO Logistics international cargo transportation company is also engaged in packing and marking of cargo

Air cargo transportation has many advantages that make it preferable to transport cargo in this way.

Here are some of them:

  • speed and reliability
  • security
  • ability to track cargo status
  • Packing

It should be remembered that in the case of air cargo transportation, it is not allowed to transport a number of cargoes, for example, lithium batteries, power supplies, firearms, flammable materials, explosives, biochemical products, etc.


If you are shipping internationally, sea shipping is usually a cheaper option than air shipping.

  • Sea freight is more affordable
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If necessary, you can consider the choice of several modes of transportation, for example, to carry out one part of the transportation by sea, the other part by air, etc.

Cargo packing and labeling

CIO Logistics international cargo transportation company is also engaged in packing and marking of cargo

  • Cargo packaging is carried out only by high-quality specialists
  • Cargo packaging is discussed with the customer

When packing your cargo, it is important to consider the dimensions of the cargo, the countries it will be traveling through, etc

Marking is carried out with the help of water-resistant paint, taking into account the fact that the cargo can be transported in different ways.