About Us

CIO Logistics transports any type of cargo by air, land and sea within reasonable timescales. Affordable and quality cargo transportation from any EUROPEAN country to ARMENIA and vice versa

  • Cargo transportation by any means of transport

    CIO Logistics carries out cargo transportation by any means of transport depending on the type of your product and the specified time

  • Transportation of cars

    CIO Logistics performs cargo transportation of cars from USA to Armenia and USA-Georgia. Buying a car is easier with CIO Logistics.️The most affordable price in RA

  • Door to door

    CIO Logistics also provides door-to-door delivery. This type of delivery works in Armenia and CIS countries

Our Services


We are ready to fulfill the wishes of the most demanding client at the stage of cargo storage.


We satisfy all the needs and requirements of our customers and make the transportation process easy and pleasant by providing a complete logistics service.


We make sure that your heavy, oversized, important cargo is in safe hands and we work hard to provide you with the best possible shipping plan

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Do you have cargo that needs to be transported to another country? Not sure where to start from? Our specialists will do almost everything for you. Register the application and we will contact you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The company specializes in road, sea, air and rail freight. The range of destinations is very wide: from USA, China, EU and EEA countries to Armenia and vice versa.

Prices depend on the type of cargo, size and mode of transportation. After providing the cargo details, the specialists provide a price quote.

After providing the cargo details and documents, the transportation process is arranged. You deliver the cargo to our specified address or, if desired, our employee picks up the cargo from your specified address.

Cargo packing is done differently for each cargo, depending on the airline, cargo weight, type and many other circumstances. The packaging of the cargo is carried out by our specialists in consultation with the customer.

You can get information about the delivery process both through our website and by contacting our specialists.